Patrice Bernier – Player
Brads passion for the game is ever present. He is always at disposal, willing to learn and very proactive to better himself and players around him.”

Collen Warner – Player
Brad Smith is a hard worker who’s work ethic is born out of a deep passion for football. His energetic personality and willingness to help are huge positives in a team dynamic.”

Antonio Floro – Coach
“Brad is not a typical equipment manager. He loves sports and exercise, but soccer is his life. I only needed one week working with him at the Pan Am Games to realize that he is a special guy that cares about every little detail. If you forgot something, he will remind you. If you have a problem, he has a solution. If you ask a question, he has the answer. His opinions on all aspects of the game are very educated and professional. He is always thinking what is best for the team. This is one of the reasons he is with the Canadian National Soccer Team and I’m very happy to work with him. He’s got a great touch too!”

Xavi Perez – Coach
“Brad is that kind of person that you would like to have in your team. He is well organized and an over-achiever, very responsible and thorough, never forgetting anything where every little detail counts. Brad makes everything easier for coaches and players, looking for the best performance. I told him he is good enough for Europe but he has a strong connection with Canada and feels responsible to help the game grow in Canada. A loyal man. He also has the ability to improve team morale by constructing amazing, inspiring messages.”

Romuald Peiser – Player
“Brad is the best equipment manager I’ve ever had. I’m very particular and straight forward and in his position much can go wrong, but I don’t remember one moment when things did not go to plan. He is very trustworthy, punctual and thorough. He anticipates problems and prevents them. His service for goalkeeper warm-ups is excellent.  He would be a great instructor for kids, as he knows a little bit of everything. He seems like he has absorbed a lot of information over his career thus far.”

Ramon Soria – Player
Brad is a very hard worker, organized and committed person. He makes your life easier in the locker room and always is ready to help. He used to stay with me after training to work on defending and long balls. He is very passionate and has great knowledge of football.

Vini Dantas – Player
Brad was one of the most impactful person I’ve met in my professional soccer career so far. His attention to detail and all around passion for the sport makes you feel important, special and appreciated. Thank you for that Brad, keep up the good work, your the man!”

Hassoun Camara – Player
“Brad was a very good worker in Montreal. It makes sense to me that he is now instructing kids, he has learnt so much over the years. He definitely has the ambition, skill and drive to grow his company. I’ve never seen him fail at anything.”

Eduardo Ceza – Equipment Manager
“Brad brought me into Montreal to replace him and he taught me everything I needed to know about being an equipment manager. His detail and care for players and coaches is unparelleled. His knowledge and passion of the game helped me grow as a member of the Montreal Impact staff and as a player. I will always be thankful of what hes done for me.”

Oliver – Player
“The first one to arrive and the last one to leave. He looks after every little detail so  that everything runs smooth for everyone. Accountable and reliable. Has a good history in professional soccer at a young age. Great touch and free kick expert, this is Brad!”

Graeme Ivory – Communications
“There are three words that best describe Brad – professional, passionate and thorough. Brad knows what players and staff need and is always two steps ahead of the game.”

Mason Trafford – Defender – Ottawa Fury FC
“Brad’s attention to detail and passion for all things soccer is incredible. He goes above and beyond in everything that he does and is relentless in his pursuit of excellence. Most importantly, Brad is a quality person and a pleasure to work with.”

Samuel Piette – Player
Brad is a complete equipment manager. Not too many equipment managers take the initiative to focus on every little detail to help ensure maximum performance for his players. I feel comfortable knowing he’s looking out for me and the boys. I think he’s going to have a very long career with Canada Soccer.”

Kevin Graff – Retail Tycoon
“Knowledgeable.  Passionate.  Skilled.  Committed.  Those are just some of the words I would use to describe working with Brad.  Finding the right footwear solution for a budding, young soccer prodigy is never easy, but working with Brad made it simple.”

Drew Beckie – Player
“Having Brad as an equipment manager with the Ottawa Fury and the Canadian National Team, I can tell you there is no one better suited to help you get better as a player. His passion and professionalism are unsurpassed.”

Devala Gorrick – Player
“As a goalkeeper, details are everything. Working with Brad, he gave us goal keepers special attention which was much appreciated. He even warmed us up for games which is unheard of for an equipment manager! He has truly innovated the role of an equipment manager. I always used to call him our Designated Kit Man.”

Carl Haworth – Player
“Brad is extremely meticulous. He takes note of every detail, no matter its size or importance, for every member of the team. He is the type of guy that will go above and beyond the scope of his position in order to help make everything run as smooth as possible. A fantastic worker, and more importantly, a great guy as well.”

Richie Ryan – Player
“Moving to Canada from Europe was a bit of a culture shock but Brad made me feel at home. It’s good to know that football runs in his blood as it does mine. I’ve never met a young lad who knows so much about football in Canada. His professionalism and standard of work is top notch. A good player too!”

Spencer Peters – Human Performance Specialist
“Brad is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the chance to work with in professional and amateur sport. He has a true passion for the game which is shown in the time and effort he spends in making sure every team member is taken care of in preparation, practice and games. Seeing Brad work one training session is enough to see why he’s successful.”

Mel Fiala – Athletic Therapist
“I worked closely with Brad for a year. He is extremely precise and thorough as an equipment manager and was always motivated to learn about athletes rehabilitation process. His knowledge of soccer in general on and off the field is exceptional. He taught me so much about the game. His motivation to learn combined with his extremely high standards are what puts Brad above the rest.”

Tommy Heinemann – Player
“Brad’s attitude and commitment are second to none. He is meticulous in preparation and goes over and beyond what is necessary to ensure a quality product and a quality service for everyone he looks after.”

Omar Jarun – Player
“Brad defined what being a professional is all about. He was early, dedicated and passionate with his work in Ottawa. He truly made my experience in Ottawa better!”

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